SureSmile vs. Invisalign: Which is Better?

At Frisco Family Dentistry, we understand how important a beautiful, healthy smile can be to your self-confidence. That’s why we offer our patients two leading options in clear aligner treatments: Invisalign and SureSmile. Dr Belman, our seasoned cosmetic dentist in Frisco, is here to help guide you through the journey of selecting the ideal orthodontic treatment. With the ongoing debate on SureSmile vs. Invisalign in Frisco, TX, our goal is to provide you with comprehensive insights to make an informed decision.

Our Frisco dentist, dr. Belman, holding Invisalign.

Understanding the Basics of Invisalign and SureSmile

Before diving into the comparison, let’s get familiar with the basics of both treatments.

Invisalign: The Pioneer in Clear Aligners

Invisalign, introduced in the late 90s, revolutionized the orthodontics industry with its clear, virtually invisible aligners. These custom-made aligners are designed to move your teeth gradually and painlessly. The Invisalign treatment requires you to change aligners every one to two weeks, gradually straightening your teeth to the desired position. 

Invisalign offers a reliable, tried-and-tested solution with a step-by-step plan that gives you a predictable and gradual transformation, with minimal interference to your daily life.

One of the key advantages of Invisalign is the SmartTrack material, a patented thermoplastic material that provides a comfortable fit while applying sustained, gentle force to shift your teeth. This material offers excellent flexibility, making it easier to insert and remove the aligners.

One of the biggest challenges patients face when undergoing orthodontic treatment using Invisalign is complying with wearing them for the prescribed period of time. Patients are required to wear the aligners for 22 hours a day for best results but because they’re removable, we often find patients not wearing them for long enough each day. This is particularly true for our younger patients who may get distracted or forget to pop their aligners back in after eating. Invisalign introduced Invisalign Teen with compliance indicators so if you’re not wearing them as often as prescribed, Dr. Belman will be able to tell!  

SureSmile: Advancement with Robotic Precision

SureSmile came onto the scene at a similar time as Invisalign but brought with it technological advancements like robotic wire-bending and 3D imaging. It uses a set of clear aligners similar to Invisalign but with an addition – a set of robotically-engineered wires that guide your teeth’s movement with extreme precision.

Dr Belman will take 3D images of your mouth and teeth. The SureSmile software will then virtually align each tooth and chart the route your teeth need to move to get there. This information is shared with a robot that will shape wires just for you.

SureSmile’s precision-targeted tooth movement, made possible by advanced software, can lead to less overall discomfort during treatment and reduce treatment duration by 34%. This is because the aligners and wires are designed to reduce the total number of painful adjustments needed.

SureSmile also uses a proprietary clear material that is strong and stain-resistant, ensuring your aligners remain invisible throughout your treatment.

The company also introduced SureSmile QT, lingual (behind the teeth) braces for adult patients in particular who would prefer to keep their orthodontic treatments more discreet. These innovative cosmetic dentistry treatments keep SureSmile at the forefront of the industry. 

Invisalign vs SureSmile in Frisco, TX: The Faceoff 

As you embark on your journey towards a confident smile, it is essential to know what distinguishes these two popular treatments. Dr Belman has drawn comparisons on a variety of critical parameters to help you make the best choice.

Customization and Precision

Both Invisalign and SureSmile offer excellent customization options, using 3D imaging technology to create aligners that fit your teeth perfectly. However, SureSmile goes a step further by adding robotic wires, which increase precision in tooth movement. 

Treatment Duration

When discussing Invisalign vs SureSmile in Frisco, TX, treatment duration is a crucial factor. Generally, SureSmile treatment tends to be quicker due to the precise, robotically controlled forces. However, the exact duration depends on the complexity of your dental condition. 

Comfort and Aesthetics 

Both treatments rank high in comfort and aesthetics, providing a discreet way to straighten your teeth. They are clear, removable, and can be taken out for eating, brushing, or during special occasions. 

Availability and Follow-ups 

Invisalign is more widely available, given its widespread presence in the market. However, SureSmile, with its growing popularity, is catching up quickly. At Frisco Family Dentistry, Dr Belman and his experienced team are proficient in providing both Invisalign and SureSmile treatments.

As for the follow-ups, Invisalign might require more frequent visits to ensure progress, whereas SureSmile, with its precision-guided treatment, generally requires fewer check-ins.

Post-Treatment Care and Support

We pride ourselves on our comprehensive post-treatment care and support. From guidance on maintaining your newly aligned teeth to answering any questions you may have, we are with you every step of the way.

So, Which One is Best? 

While Dr. Belman treats each case individually, he is of the opinion that SureSmile emerges as the superior choice in the comparison of Invisalign vs SureSmile in Frisco, TX. Here’s why:

1. Precision-Driven Treatment 

SureSmile’s innovative use of robotic technology to bend archwires provides precision unmatched by traditional aligners. This precision leads to a more accurate, efficient, and predictable treatment outcome, making SureSmile an easy choice for those seeking the perfect smile.

2. Shorter Treatment Duration

When it comes to orthodontic treatment, the duration plays a significant role in the decision-making process. With SureSmile’s advanced technology, treatment times can be notably shorter than other aligner systems, including Invisalign. The robotically bent archwires facilitate faster and more direct tooth movement, saving you valuable time.

3. Enhanced Comfort

Comfort is a critical consideration for many patients. The technologically advanced design of SureSmile aligners ensures fewer adjustments, leading to less overall discomfort throughout your treatment journey. 

4. Strong, Stain-Resistant Material 

SureSmile aligners are fabricated using a proprietary clear material that is not only robust but also resistant to staining. This means your aligners remain virtually invisible throughout your treatment, allowing you to confidently flaunt your transforming smile.

5. Expertise at Frisco Family Dentistry 

Finally, at Frisco Family Dentistry, we have substantial expertise and experience with the SureSmile system. Dr Belman and the team are equipped with the skills and knowledge to provide a seamless and effective SureSmile treatment journey, from the initial consultation to post-treatment care.

Making the Choice: Invisalign vs SureSmile in Frisco, TX 

As an experienced dental professional, Dr Belman understands that choosing between SureSmile vs. Invisalign is not a decision to be taken lightly. He takes the time to understand your unique needs and preferences before recommending a treatment.Your search for SureSmile vs. Invisalign in Frisco, TX, ends here. Trust Frisco Family Dentistry to guide you towards a solution that will leave you smiling with confidence. Contact us today at 972-848-8546 to schedule your consultation with Dr Belman.

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Danielle has always been passionate about bridging the gap between oral health and overall well-being. Her ultimate goal is to create a comfortable and safe environment where patients can freely discuss their concerns and she takes pride in aiding patients throughout their dental journey by providing the highest standard of care.

Daneille studied at Texas Tech University in Lubbock, where she graduated with a Bachelor of Science in Nutrition and Dietetics in 2016. Her fascination with dentistry led her to work as a registered dental assistant for three years. However, her pursuit of a more comprehensive career in dentistry led her to complete a degree in Dental Hygiene from Dallas College in 2021.

In her spare time, Danielle enjoys spending quality time with her family, friends, and her beloved dog. Creating meaningful memories with loved ones brings her immense joy.

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Originally from Idalou, Texas, Erin moved to the DFW area for college and decided to pursue dental hygiene instead of dental school. Erin's personal experience with dental issues inspired her to educate others about oral hygiene.

Building relationships with patients and seeing their happiness during cleanings is the most rewarding part of her job. Erin believes that a good day is when patients have left happy and comfortable because they know that they are well taken care of in our office. 

Outside of work, Erin enjoys going to the gym, cooking/baking, and spending time with family. 

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Renee Boudreaux has been a cornerstone of Frisco Family Dentistry for over 16 years. Originally from New Orleans, Louisiana, Renee's love for helping people and her keen eye for beautiful smiles naturally led her into the field of dentistry.

Renee earned her Bachelors of Science in Dental Hygiene from the LSU Dental School in 2004 and her passion for her work is evident in the relationships she forms with her patients. She takes great joy in getting to know them, learning about their families, and exchanging stories. Over the years, she's loved watching her patients' families grow and evolve, and she values the deep connections she's been able to establish.

Outside of her professional life, Renee is a devoted wife and mother of two. She cherishes her family time, watching LSU and Saints football, attending her children's sports activities, and exploring new places.

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Susan has been an integral part of Frisco Family Dentistry for the past 15 years. Raised as a military brat in West Texas, she found herself inadvertently drawn to dentistry, and it was a match made in heaven. With 40 years of experience in the dental field, Susan's journey has been marked by constant learning, on-the-job training, and continuous professional development. 

In her role, Susan assists doctors with treatments and contributes to various tasks around the office, making her a valuable team player. She cherishes the camaraderie with her coworkers and the relationships she has built with patients over the years. This love for people and her role makes her an essential part of our practice.

In her personal time, she relishes being involved with her husband, children and grandchildren. Susan also pursues her passion for photography capturing precious moments and beautiful sceneries.

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Patient Care Coordinator

A Dallas native, Jackie has been working in the dental industry since the mid-90s and has been with Frisco Family Dentistry for over 8 years.

Starting her career as a Dental Assistant, Jackie has a unique perspective, having worked both in the back office and now the front. She studied at Brookhaven Community College and earned her dental assisting certification from ATI, further solidifying her expertise.

What Jackie loves most about her work is the transformation she witnesses in new patients: seeing them arrive nervous and apprehensive and leave relaxed and happy gives her immense satisfaction. 

Outside of work, Jackie is an avid traveler, loves spending quality time with her family, and is a fan of beach outings. 

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Emily's role at the practice is extensive and varied. She handles everything from payroll to communication, scheduling, hiring, and even designing the lobby. She loves being able to fill in wherever there's a need, bringing her versatility and dedication to every task she undertakes.

Before transitioning to managing the office, Emily taught high school math and then homeschooling her own four children. She is a proud alumna of Fresno State University, where she earned her Bachelor's Degree in Liberal Studies and her Mathematics Teaching Credential. When asked about her dental philosophy, she humorously says, "Do what Dr. Belman says." 

Raised in Carmel, California, Emily met Dr. Belman in college while cheering for the Fresno State Cheer Team. They married a year later and moved to Southern California for Dr. Belman's dental school education at the University of Southern California. The couple has been happily married for nearly 20 years and has four children: Baylie, Brock, Brixton, and Brooklyn.

In her free time, Emily loves watching sports, traveling, and spending time with her family and friends.

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Having grown up around dentistry, Cassidy knew from an early age that this was the path she wanted to pursue. With an unwavering commitment to her community and a desire to help others, she strives to create a positive and informative dental experience for every patient.

A true North Texas native, Cassidy continued her education at Tarleton State University, where she realized her calling in the dental field, driven by her desire to educate and assist patients in maintaining optimal oral health. With her eyes set on dental hygiene school, Cassidy aims to further her knowledge and expertise to better serve her patients and the community.

In her free time, Cassidy participates in small groups at church to serve in order to give back and make a positive impact. Cassidy also enjoys the outdoors, working out at the gym, and immersing herself in a good book as well as spending time with family and friends.

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Patient Coordinator

A true Texan, Heather was born in Dallas and raised in Plano. She studied biomedical engineering at The University of Alabama and played competitive soccer her entire life, Forza Azzurri! She is an experienced Patient Coordinator with over 15 years of experience in the dental field. With a passion for patient care and comfort, she brings a wealth of knowledge and compassion to our team. Her commitment is to make every patient feel like part of our dental family with a personalized approach and she take prides in helping patients understand their treatments, ensuring they feel informed and empowered in their oral health journey. When you visit us, you're not just a patient – you're a valued member of our dental community.

In her free time, she loves to spend time with her amazing husband, Jason, and their 3 awesome kiddos- TJ, Sophia and Dominic. She also thoroughly enjoys gardening, reading and traveling!

Arila - Patient Care Coordinator


Patient Coordinator

Arila is the Patient Coordinator at Frisco Family Dentistry, whose role revolves around patient care and meticulous insurance management, ensuring that the patients maximize the benefits they’re entitled to. Raised in Plano, Texas, she now calls Blue Ridge home, sharing a farm life with her family. 

Her dental journey, which began in 2012, led her to Collin College, where she earned certifications as a dental assistant, cardiac monitor certification, and achieved OSHA and HIP certifications. What she cherishes most about being part of the exceptional team at Frisco Family Dentistry, under the guidance of Dr. Belman, is their unwavering commitment to prioritizing their patients' well-being above their own and providing honest care.

Outside the dental world, Arila’s husband's role as a firefighter in Allen and her involvement as PTA Vice President at her children's school keep them deeply connected with the community, along with their commitment to their church. Together, they enjoy the tranquility of farm life, fishing, and exploring the world seeing what God has created.