Dental Technology And Your Care

The right dental technology can have a big impact on your smile care. Innovations in dental care make treatments shorter and more comfortable. They also lead to better information when planning procedures. A great team, inviting office, and caring dentist are all timeless features of a great practice. We provide these as well as advanced technology solutions to offer the best possible care!

From better x-ray imaging to advanced services, find out how our technology helps us provide outstanding support for our patients.

Advanced Imaging At Dental Exams And Cleanings

The right images help us identify trouble with your teeth, gums, and oral structures and explain what is happening with your health. Thanks to our panoramic X-ray technology, we produce comprehensive images that make it easier to show you what is happening in your mouth, explain treatment options, and keep you involved in your care.

Technology And Advanced Dental Care

We use advanced technology in our office to shorten treatment times, make care more conservative and comfortable, and provide more customized results for our patients.

  • With CEREC technology, we produce same-day dental crowns in a single office visit, letting you get the dental restorations you need without any downtime or temporary fixes while you wait for your final restoration.

Technology also aids us in different ways when we provide treatments for more advanced dental health issues, including tooth loss. We are here to help you understand the approach we take so that you always feel at ease in the dentist’s chair.