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We Provide Custom Dentures

We are proud to make patients feel at ease even when they need more involved work to restore their dental health. Dr. Belman provides traditional and implant-held dentures, so we can help if advanced tooth loss is an issue for you.

When Are Dentures Needed? 

Dentures are used to replace an entire row of teeth. We can help you if you are missing an entire row already, or if you need unhealthy teeth removed before your smile can be restored.

What Will It Take To Fully Restore My Smile?

When you see us about dentures, Dr. Belman will review your health history and current needs. We will discuss the advantages to a removable denture or one that is held by implants. Breaking down treatment options and benefits is important to us, because we want patients to have an active role in their care. 

Will It Be Hard To Keep Dentures In Place?

Epoxies and natural suction help dentures stay in place to help you speak, bite, and chew. With  dental implants, a denture can be permanently set in position. 

Will My Dentures Look Natural?

We take detailed measurements and create treatment models when planning work with dentures and other restorations. The time and care Dr. Belman puts into planning can result in a denture that looks natural and feels comfortable. 

Should I Use Dental Implants To Hold My Dentures?

Implant dentistry can offer more support and keep your jaw healthy. Our treatment solutions are shaped around a patient’s specific needs and concerns, so Dr. Belman will make sure you have your ideal solution for tooth loss.

Learn How Dentures Provided By Your Frisco, TX Dentist Can Give You Back Your Smile!

Thanks to dentures, many people with significant tooth loss have regained confidence in how they look! To find out what treatment can do for you, please reach out to Frisco Family Dentistry at 972-335-9494.