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Restoring And Replacing Teeth

Dental crowns restore teeth that need more protection after a cavity or injury, while bridges replace lost teeth. Dr. Belman’s approach to restorative work—including work with advanced CEREC technology—makes these services less stressful by offering convenience and stunning results!

Why Do I Need A Crown Instead Of A Filling? 

A crown offers more protection and coverage than a filling, making this restoration a better choice for larger cavities and injuries. 

What Is A CEREC Crown? 

A CEREC crown is a dental crown made with in-office technology. Because we produce the design and the crown itself at our practice, Dr. Belman can treat your tooth in just one visit! This means that you will receive your final restoration from start to finish the same day. No need for temporaries or second appointments! With same-day dental crowns, we’re able to offer a custom, precise, comfortable dental crown restoration. 

How Does A Dental Bridge Address Tooth Loss?

A dental bridge has at least one replacement tooth surrounded by two crowns. The crowns are placed on teeth to hold the bridge in place without the need for oral surgery or dental implants. This makes treatment easier while still being a comfortable long-term solution for tooth loss.

Can I Bite Down With A Crown Or Bridge?

Crowns and bridges should function just like natural teeth. Our team will walk you through the steps for proper care during your appointment, but your restorations should always be comfortable.

How Long Will My Bridge Or Crown Last?

Like dental fillings, crowns and bridges are permanent treatment solutions. Dr. Belman will check on your restorations during general exams and cleanings and instruct you on how to maintain your bridge or crown

Our Frisco, TX Dental Office Offers Lifelike Crowns And Bridges!

Custom dental crowns and bridges that we provide can look great, support your bite, and last for many years.  To schedule an appointment with Dr. Belman, call Frisco Family Dentistry at 972-335-9494.