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Protect Your Teeth With A Custom Guard

Mouthguards protect teeth and past dental work against injury. For the best comfort, fit, and protection, you should have one that is made just for you. 

Why Should I Use A Custom Mouthguard? 

A mouthguard protects your teeth and any dental restorations you have. We recommend them for athletes to protect them during sports and for patients who grind their teeth at night.

How Will A Guard Protect Me While I Play Sports?

A custom guard is easier to keep in place even at your most active. A one-size-fits-all device gives you less protection, and the awkward fit can be distracting.

How Does A Guard Help With Teeth Grinding? 

Nighttime teeth grinding damages tooth enamel and causes jaw pain. If we see signs of grinding during a dental exam, we’ll recommend a night guard you wear while you sleep. 

Should I Replace An Old Mouthguard?

If you have an older mouthguard or one that was mass-produced, we can provide a replacement that is more comfortable and better at protecting you!

Frisco Family Dentistry Offers Custom Mouthguards For Patients!

Custom mouthguards provide great protection for teeth! We work with patients to produce durable, comfortable mouthguards to fit their needs. To learn more, please reach out to Frisco Family Dentistry in Frisco, TX at 972-335-9494.