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Protect Damaged Teeth with Composite Restorations

Dental Crowns / Bridges Frisco

Dental prosthetics can be used to treat damaged or severely decayed teeth, as well as gaps that result from missing teeth. We offer a range of prosthetic options, including dental crowns and dental bridges, at our Frisco dental practice to meet the needs of patients with poor oral health and impaired functionality. Effective, affordable, and natural looking, dental prosthetics can restore the function and appearance of damaged or decayed teeth while preventing further deterioration from occurring. If you experience pain or mild discomfort due to tooth decay, or have difficulty chewing or speaking because of gaps between teeth, Dr. Dominic Nuosce can evaluate your oral health and determine the best solution for you. To schedule a consultation, contact Frisco Family Dentistry today.

Dental Crowns

Crowns are composite dental prosthetics that are placed overtop damaged or severely decayed teeth. Commonly referred to as “caps” because they effectively cap teeth that have been compromised due to trauma and disease, crowns provide a functional, aesthetically pleasing solution to poor oral health. Though metals such as silver amalgam and gold were utilized for dental treatment in the past, modern prosthetics such as dental crowns are now often made from porcelain. A hard, durable material that is strong enough to withstand the rigors of daily wear, porcelain is also natural looking, and thus far more aesthetically appealing than silver or gold. Additionally, unlike metal fillings, porcelain prosthetics do not expand or contract over time due to temperature and other factors. This allows for a reliable treatment option that can be placed in a minimally invasive fashion with greater preservation of natural tooth structure.

The Placement Process - Crowns

To accommodate dental crowns, some natural material will have to be removed from the affected tooth or teeth. Once decayed tooth material has been removed and the damaged or decayed tooth has been sufficiently resized, an impression will be made. With this impression, a porcelain crown can be fabricated that is customized to exacting specifications so that it fits seamlessly with surrounding teeth. To ensure that our patients’ porcelain crowns meet the highest standards for quality, all of our fabrications are performed in the United States at professional dental laboratories. While the permanent crown is being crafted, the patient will wear a temporary crown to protect the treated tooth.

Once the dental crown is complete, patients return to our Frisco dental office to have their permanent crown bonded in place. Though the amount of time required for fabrication will differ from patient to patient, typically a patient’s first and second appointment will be no more than two or three weeks apart. After the temporary crown is removed, the permanent crown will be placed, and great care will be taken to ensure that the crown properly fits. Once placed, the crown will be securely bonded with dental cement – a strong adhesive that will hold the crown in place for years. After placement, Dr. Nuosce will buff and polish the crown as necessary so that it blends in naturally with the other teeth.

Dental Bridges

Dental implants are among the most effective treatments for missing teeth; however, implants are cost prohibitive for many patients and require invasive surgery. We offer traditional dental bridges at our Frisco dental office as a more affordable, less invasive alternative to implants. A dental bridge consists of an artificial tooth, known as a pontic, attached to two dental crowns (crowns are affixed to the pontic on either side in a traditional bridge) that can be used to fill in a gap left by one or missing teeth. The crowns hold the pontic in place, allowing it to reside in the edentulous site of the jaw (the location of the missing tooth), thus “bridging” a gap. Manufactured from porcelain, dental bridges are durable, natural-looking prosthetics that provide both functional and aesthetic benefits.

The Placement Process - Bridges

To place a dental bridge, Dr. Nuosce will first prepare the teeth immediately surrounding the gap. As dental bridges consist of crowns that anchor the false tooth in place, these teeth will have to be reshaped so that the crowns fit precisely. Once the surrounding teeth have been reshaped, an impression will be made so that your bridge can be fabricated. Once the impression has been made, it is sent off to a dental laboratory, and a temporary bridge is inserted over the gap to serve as a placeholder.

When the permanent bridge is complete, you will return to our Frisco office to have your temporary bridge removed and your permanent restoration placed. The dental crowns will be placed over the teeth surrounding the gap and secured in place with dental adhesive. Once in place, the bridge will look and function just as natural teeth do.

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If you are missing one or more teeth or suffer from severe dental decay, Dr. Nuosce can help restore your oral health. A dental prosthetic such as a dental crown or dental bridge can restore functionality and improve the appearance of your smile. We encourage you to learn more about these options if you are seeking dental treatment. To schedule a consultation regarding dental crowns and bridges, contact our Frisco dental office today.