Cosmetic all-ceramic crowns: Case 131

Very dull looking central incisor. It doesn't match the individual characterizations of her natural teeth.

New cosmetic all-ceramic crown that has the natural characterization to blend it into her smile.

Cosmetic all-ceramic crowns: Case 131

This Frisco resident came to us without any real emergent dental conditions. However, during her initial consultation she mentioned that she is tired of her front tooth looking like it doesn't belong. She says the tooth works fine but looks dull and she feels like it detracts from her smile. She wondered if there was anything that could be done to replace it with a better looking crown. This can be the case with a lot of crowns. Most people aren't aware that not all crowns are created equally. If the tooth is prepared and the case is sent off to some generic lab it will come back looking very bland. It may function perfectly, but in the esthetic zone, it has to look as good as it chews. At Frisco Family Dentistry we use a stable of different labs to meet the esthetic demands of our patients. The job of creating a seamless restoration doesn't just rest with the choice of lab. Your dentist must design the case properly as well. For a case that seems as simple as the one pictured, it takes photos and an intricate prescription written by Dr. Nuosce to create a restoration that looks like it belongs in its surroundings. The patient was extremely pleased. The before and after photos show a dramatic improvement in smile enhancement. She admitted that if she had known more esthetic options where available she would have replaced it years ago.

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